Bonfiglioli Gearboxes added to GIS Product Line

01 February 2017

Bonfiglioli has been an international leader in gearmotors & drive systems.  They design & manufacture these products for the most demanding needs for almost all industrial processes and automation requirements.  With a plant located in Northern Kentucky, they are committed to the North American market and are ready to support your gearbox needs.  Call today

GIS holds Optimization Seminar for Improving Reliability

01 November 2016

In conjunction with WEG Electric, Gatterdam held a seminar in Louisville at the Hilton Garden Inn to help their customers improve reliability and reduce downtime in their plant. It was an informative seminar that was presented by William C. Livoti, Business Development Manager for WEG Electric Corp.  With the Hydraulic Institute, Mr. Livoti presented an

Gatterdam adds the HULK Truck!

01 September 2016

With continued investment into the business, we have added a larger flatbed with more weight capacity to handle larger jobs & shipments.  The pretty green on the front of this beast lead us to nickname it ‘The Hulk’.  Look for him at your plant soon!

Investment in NEW SKF/Baker DX Testing Equipment

01 August 2016

We invested in the latest and greatest technology in electric motor analytics.  The Baker DX finds all problems associated with a motor’s insulation or electrical system.  It performs tests for: Resistance Insulation Resistance Dielectric Absorption (DA) Polarization Index (PI) Step Voltage DC Hipot Surge Surge PD (partial discharge) Inductance Capacitance Impedance Phase Angle Rotor Influence

Gatterdam representing FUJI Drives

01 July 2016

Fuji has an incredible stock of Adjustable Frequency Drives in the United States, which enables you to get the product you need quickly.  Gatterdam has access to their wide range of product and can get you a price quote today.  They have General Purpose Micro Inverters, High Performance Compact Inverters, Variable Torque Inverters for Pumps

Investment in 2nd Overhead Crane

24 January 2016

Gatterdam added a 2nd overhead crane to it’s shop, which improves efficiency.  Besides saving valuable time, it will also save our customers money!  We continue to invest in our shop to make it the best in the region!