Electric Motors

Our Stock: We are proud to have the best motor stock in the Kentuckiana region, which is a huge benefit for the manufacturing facilities we partner with. Advantages include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Immediate replacements available
  • No freight charges for stock items

Definite Purpose: Not all motors are equal. To maximize the life of a motor within a certain application, it is important to match the required performance capabilities and protective features. Below are various specialty motors listed that are used to combat specific environments.

  • IEEE-841: Petro-Chem Duty
  • Washdown / Washguard
  • Crusher Duty
  • DC Motors
  • Stainless
  • Fire Pump Motors
  • Super Premium
  • Explosion Proof (UL)
  • Pump Motors (JM / JP)
  • Metric (IEC)
  • Brake Motors
  • Blowers
  • Vector
  • Compressor Duty
  • Cooling Tower / HVAC
  • Arbor
  • High Torque (Ex: Hoist Motors)
  • Servo

Special Relationships

Having the unique history of being one of the first distributors of WEG motors in the country, we are proud to now be one of their largest EASA distributors in the U.S.A. Because of our commitment to WEG’s product line and high quality service facility that is EASA Accredited, they have also denoted us as an Official Authorized Service Center that is able to make final determinations on warranty claims and service them.

AEGIS named GIS as their preferred authorized installer in the Kentuckian region. AEGIS’ premium product & technology coupled with our commitment to reliability has made for a great partnership.


Production environments sometimes require special solutions in order to create a more reliable line. GIS specializes in designing additional protective measures to get the maximum life out of your unit. Below are some of the methods, products & accessories that we have used in the past to increase protection.

Condition Monitoring
Sensors that measure vibration, temperature, current & run time are critical in developing the most reliable production environment. Avoid catastrophic failures with diagnostic probes that permanently mount to your rotating equipment.
Shaft Voltage Grounding
Harmful shaft voltages can damage bearings without proper shaft grounding technology from products like AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Rings. AEGIS has denoted GIS as their authorized installer in the Kentuckiana region.
In an increasing age of controls & automation, it is important to be able to measure feedback on electric motors. AVTRON has the world’s most endurable & heavy-duty encoders.
Carbon Brushes & DC Components
The best carbon brush design for your motor is the key to maximizing the life of the unit & the contact surface.
Labyrinth Seals
These products are designed to increase motor reliability by protecting against contamination ingress & lubrication loss.

Electric Motor Lines