Service Center Qualifications

We are ready to take on your service needs.  Below are some of the unique qualifications we possess to ensure a quick turnaround with the highest quality possible.

EASA Accreditation
We follow the AR100 electric motor repair industry standard. We have the necessary & required equipment to diagnose & complete a quality repair. Our equipment is calibrated annually. We maintain digital documentation on each repair. We are audited by a 3rd party and have received Accreditation recertification every year since 2015.

UL Certified
Which allows us to rebuild and recertify explosion proof motors.  We are the only UL certified AND EASA Accredited facility in the Louisville and Southern Indiana market.

AEGIS Authorized Installer
AEGIS selected us to be there authorized installer for the Kentuckiana region due to our commitment to reliability.  Their product line ensures that harmful shaft voltages are sufficiently grounded and not able to cause premature bearing failure.

WEG Authorized Service Center
Our commitment to quality has also been recognized by WEG Electric.  They denoted GIS as
it’s regional Authorized Warranty Evaluation center.  Due to our large distribution volume, repair facility & AR100 commitment, we are able to evaluate WEG motors & make warranty determinations all in house.

Documentation & Customer Portal
In the digital age, it is imperative to record any and all information possible on an apparatus we are servicing. Our internal system allows us to digitally record the diagnosis, images, test results, etc. in the hopes for obtaining the highest level quality & for future reference.

Team and Experience
We invest in on-going training annually, have the most depth in Kentuckiana in terms of technicians and have close to 200 years worth of experience within our service team.

Fleet of Vehicles
From service specific, to flat bed delivery, to a crane truck, we are ready to answer!

Service Facility & Equipment
Having state of the art equipment can speed up a repair, provide a better diagnosis and lead to higher quality. Below are a few of the significant investments we have made over the past few years:

  • Core Loss Tester (Phenix)
  • Automatic Winding Machine (Samatic)
  • Dynamic Balancer (Schenk)
  • Multiple Overhead Cranes
  • Dry Ice Blasting Machine
  • Only Self Contained Pump & Motor Facility in Region

And the latest addition to our arsenal: Jenkins 500kVA Medium Voltage Test Panel.
Capabilities: Allows for digital recording of Run Test Amp Draw, Vibration, Thermal, and recording of Speed (RPM).

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